Coaching to raise your game with professional advice from our expert coaches.

If you really want to raise your game, then our 121 / small group coaching is the ultimate solution. A personal coaching session with one of our professional coaches is an opportunity to have your game assessed by an expert, accelerating your progress and maximising your cricketing potential.


All of our football coaches are highly experienced. Get in contact to find out more about your local venue and the availability of our coaches.


During a coaching session you work privately with a qualified badminton coach. 121 / small group coaching is regarded as one of the most effective ways to learn technique, footwork and tactics of badminton in a time-constrained environment.

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My children all love it…

My children have all loved Supreme Sport. The staff are positive and fun, the team and manager are great because they are so helpful and flexible. Such a great service for the adults and fun and active times for the kids.

Melodie Blake – Jay, Age 6

Amazing teacher!!

My two children really enjoy going to badminton. They host optional friendly competitions!! Great value for money too!!

Roza Bernard

My son loves playing every week…

The boys really look forward to their coaching sessions each week and your patience with them is a credit to all the team at Supreme Sport, especially with Jason who does struggle with his attention span.

The sessions are always well structured and well organised.


Susan Tompkins

Amazing classes…

Great class with a great coach. My daughter has gained confidence and experience and enjoys her class every week.


Shell Belcher

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