Birthday Parties!

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Key Party Features

  • Lots of parties to choose from

  • Equipment provided

  • Qualified member of our coaching team (DBS checked)

  • Certificates & invites included

  • Birthday child receives awesome birthday medal!

  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors

  • Up to 26 children

  • A Kodak moment at the end of the party with all guests and friends

Sports Party

Games Party

Mini Olympics

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Sports Party 6-12 year olds!

Does your child love sport? Then why not have a sports party where the Birthday boy or girl and their friends can have fun whilst playing the sport they love! 

We take a group of excited, high-energy children and put them in a sporting arena (indoors or outdoors), with an equally excited sports coach! We then add lots of fun sports props (provided) and do battle to see who will be crowned the Sports Party champions!

Sports Available

  • Athletics

  • Basketball

  • Dance

  • Dodgeball

  • Football

  • Handball

  • Hockey

  • Cricket

  • Netball

  • Rounders

  • Tag Rugby

  • Tennis

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Games Party 5-7 year olds!

Both boys and girls love our fun energetic tag games, team games and parachute games where the children are running around and having fun the whole time, so feel free to invite the whole class!

Game Examples

  • ​Parachute

  • Team Games

  • Tag Games

  • Flies & Lizards

  • Sharks & Lifeguards

  • Mud Monsters

  • Popcorn Game

  • Flag Tag

  • Crocodile Crocodile

  • Acting Relay

  • Volcanoes & Craters

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Mini Olympics 5-12 year olds!

Our Mini-Olympics parties are like a mini sports day! Children will compete in fun relays, sack races, egg and spoon races, hurdles, javelins and a fun obstacle course. Ideal for 5-12 year olds! 

Olympic Games​​

  • Fun relays

  • Sack races

  • Egg and spoon races

  • Hurdles

  • Javelins

  • Fun obstacle course

  • Discus 

  • Shot put 

  • Hurdles/steeplechase

  • Showjumping

  • Tin Can Alley Game

  • Hoopla

  • Three legged race


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Bronze Package

2 hour Party 120

90 minute Party £100

  • Up to 16 children (1 coach)

  • 60 or 90 minutes entertainment +30 minutes for food

  • Free medal and certificate for birthday child

  • Invitations

  • Add up to 10 more children for £40 (2 coaches)

  • Please note this does not include facility hire

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Silver Package

2 hour Party £145

90 minute Party £125

  • Everything in BRONZE, plus

  • Certificate for each child

  • Medal for each child

  • Add up to 10 more children for £50 (2 coaches)

  • Please note this does not include facility hire


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Gold Package

2 hour Party £225

90 minute Party £195

  • Everything in SILVER, plus

  • Trophy for birthday child

  • Add up to 10 more children for £50 (2 coaches)

  • Includes facility hire


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Amazing teacher!!

My two children really enjoy going to badminton. They host optional friendly competitions!! Great value for money too!!

Roza Bernard

My son loves playing every week…

The boys really look forward to their coaching sessions each week and your patience with them is a credit to all the team at Supreme Sport, especially with Jason who does struggle with his attention span.

The sessions are always well structured and well organised.


Susan Tompkins

James has been an asset to broadening the P.E. curriculum here at Woodlea. The children and staff have loved the sessions he has delivered and this has quickly developed into an over subscribed school club! James is organised, efficient and great with the children. He has bought us equipment, is marking out our hall with badminton court lines and is coming into deliver CPD to our staff! I would thoroughly recommend James Fletcher."

Jane Harrington P.E. coordinator at Woodlea Primary school

Amazing classes…

Great class with a great coach. My daughter has gained confidence and experience and enjoys her class every week.


Shell Belcher

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