Social Badminton

Friendly sessions for anyone. Families, individuals, couples, a whole range of people. From beginners, intermediate, to experienced players. Anyone is welcome to come and play.

The Sports Hall will be unavailable for a 6 week period on the dates below due to school exams

Monday 16th May to Friday 24th June
(People paying monthly - payments will be frozen so you wont be charged for this period)

The sports centre is always shut on bank holidays

7pm - 8:30pm
Mondays are currently full.
If you wish to be added to our waiting list then please email us.
fletchers feathers. Badminton coaching.
7pm - 8.30pm


Caterham School sports centre. 

Harestone Valley Rd, Caterham CR3 6YA. 


We do not accept cash

Monthly £21 per month (direct debit - pay using links below)

Pay per session: £8 (bank transfer contact us for bank details)

As long as the sports centre is open the badminton sessions are running. Payments are the same amount each month. Some months have 5 sessions, others have 4, some may even have 3. The price always remains the same as this is the most economical way of running our payments. If exams are running in the hall or for any reason badminton is disrupted we will freeze your monthly payments so you will not be charged.​

Maximum numbers are 24. Once we have 24 people paying direct debit we will run waiting lists.

Monday direct debit: Mondays are currently full. If you wish to be added to our waiting list then please email us.


Wednesday direct debit:

This takes 10 working days to process so you will need to pay per session until the first payment is released

We use Yonex plastic shuttlecocks. This suits the mixed abilities that turn up to our sessions. Some more experienced players bring their own feathers. You are welcome to do the same.