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Supreme Camps - Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need to bring on the day?


Your child needs to bring a packed lunch, several healthy snacks and plenty of non-fizzy drinks to make sure they have all the energy they need to fully enjoy their day at Supreme Camps. Drinking water is always available but a refillable water bottle is recommended. 


There are no refrigeration facilities available at our venues. Therefore, please also consider including ice packs, frozen water / juice drinks or frozen yoghurts to keep your child’s lunch cool & fresh.

Due to acute allergy issues, please do not to include any items containing nuts e.g. Nutella or peanut butter on sandwiches.

Please ensure your child wears appropriate clothing for indoor and outdoor activities, with footwear suitable for active and non-active games (e.g. trainers). Please also include a sun hat and sun cream during warmer days, or warm clothing and a waterproof when the weather is cooler and more variable. Weather permitting, we will always aim to go outside during the activity day.

Drop off and collection

Our standard holiday club activity day runs from 9am to 4pm. We have the option to extend your days: early drop off 8am / late pick up 6pm.


We kindly ask that parents collecting early do so during planned break times, so as not to interrupt the activities which are taking place. If you do need to collect during an activity, it might take a little longer for the doors to be opened for you as the team will be busy delivering the activities. 

The fully extended activity day runs from 8am to 6pm. If you have booked an AM extension, you can drop your child off any time between 8am and 9am. If you have booked a PM extension, you can pick up any time between 4pm and 6pm.

We ask parents to collect promptly and by 6pm at the latest please. A late fee will be charged if children are collected after this time. See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

We operate a strict and secure drop off and collection system and it is necessary for a parent / guardian to disclose the password on collection. 

What are the adult to child ratios?

There are always a minimum of two members of staff on duty at each Supreme Camps, at all times. The legal Ofsted requirement for adult:children ratios are 1:30, however, we always endeavour to work to a ratio of 1:8 for children aged four to seven years and a maximum of 1:16 for children aged eight and over. 

We do not allow any care that we provide to children aged eight to 11 years to adversely affect the care provided for children less than eight years of age.

Who will be looking after my child?
- Staff are experienced in working with children
- DBS checked
- Safeguarding trained
- First aid trained
- Camp manager is paediatric first aid trained

What if my child requires medication whilst at the camp?

Supreme Camps are only able to accept and administer prescribed medication. If your child is likely to require prescribed medication of any sort throughout the day, please inform the site manager on arrival, who will complete the necessary paperwork. All medication should be handed to the site manager and must be in its original packaging, with the prescription label.

If your child may require emergency medication (e.g. EpiPen's or hypodermic injections) whilst they are with us, we may require you to complete specific paperwork prior to your child attending. Please contact Supreme Camps to inform us of your child’s requirements and to complete the relevant paperwork before your child attends. 

Please note, if your child carries an EpiPen, you will need to provide Supreme Camps with two, in-date EpiPen's. Supreme Camps reserve the right to refuse admission if fewer than two EpiPen's are supplied, or if the supplied EpiPen's are not in full working order (e.g. cloudy or discoloured liquid). 

Both EpiPen's must be in-date, in their original packaging and be prescribed to your child. It is the parents responsibility to collect the EpiPen's from the holiday club at the end of each holiday period. 

Can my child have their mobile phone / hand held games console at camp?

Due to safeguarding procedures, we can not allow the use of electronic devices (phones or hand held games) with a camera. 

Please be aware that if your child attends Supreme Camps with such a device, they will be asked to keep it in their bag for the entire session. We recommend that children do not bring any expensive belongings with them, as we cannot be held responsible for their damage or loss.

Can my child be in the same group as a friend if they are different ages?

Children choose from a range of activities. If they wish to stay with a friend they can.

What do I do if I think I might be late collecting my child?

In the unfortunate situation where you think you might not be able to pick your child up on time (4pm for the standard activity day or 6pm for the extended activity day), please contact Supreme Camps as soon as possible.

We will then contact the club manager to inform them of your situation. We will always keep your child safe, until your arrival. Please note we will charge a late fee if you arrive at the camp after the agreed pick up time.

A late fee is charged to cover the additional staff costs incurred by a late pick up, as well as further associated operational costs. See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

How do I book my child into a Supreme Holiday Camp?

Booking your holiday club sessions is very easy! Simply go to our booking system and follow the easy to navigate bookings steps.

My child needs extra help; can they still come to camp?

Yes. All children deserve a great time at Supreme Camps! We can change what we do to suit your child, within the usual ratios. If they need a bit more support, an adult friend can join them. Contact us to via email to discuss.

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