121 / Small Group Football Coaching

A typical first football coaching session involves going over what your goals are for the short and long term. You will then begin 5-6 drills that will cover a range of football skills and techniques. This allows the coach to gauge your ability level and highlight any early indications to your strengths and weaknesses. The initial session will include a range of technical work incorporated with fitness, agility, and speed work. In your first session you will receive guidance on key elements of the game such as passing, first touch, dribbling, shooting and more.

Future sessions allow your football coach to get to know you better. Your coach will quickly pick up on your tendencies and abilities. From there you will go into more specific work with your coach in order to sharpen up elements of your game that have been highlighted as weakness. Your coach will also be continuously strengthening areas of your game that you have already developed to a competent level.

Our goal is to maximize potential; this includes developing that which is already there and establishing that which is not.

Key Areas We Work With Players Towards:

  • Improving upon a range of skills and techniques.

  • Perfecting individual strengths in your game.

  • Help to advance you to play at a higher level.

  • Preparing for an upcoming trial or pre-season preparation.

  • Begin playing with more confidence and enjoying your sport.

  • Becoming a more effective contributor to your team.

Football Coaching, Passing, Pass and move, Zonal defence, Two-touch, Throwing-in, Through ball, Step-over, Sprinting, Shooting, Set pieces, Reflexes, Receiving, Possession, Penalty Kicks, Pace, One-touch, One v Ones, Man-to-man defence, Indirect free kick, Heading, Give and go, Free kicks, First touch, Visual awareness, Dribbling, Direct free kick, Dead ball situations, Crossing, Counter-attack, Bicycle kick, Bending, Football Coaching Ball work, Balance, Agility and many more!

121 Block Booking

(Applies to block of 8)
Discounted Rate £25
One hour of coaching.

Secured time-slot of your choice each week.
Work with the same coach each week to build a relationship and better development over time.
Structured training sessions based on your strengths and weaknesses.
Nutritional Advice available on request.
Advice on what to be working on between sessions.

121 Casual Booking

One hour of coaching.
Choose a time slot and day that best suits your schedule.
Find out your strengths and weaknesses.
Structured training session(s) based on your strengths and weaknesses.
Get to know your local coach and begin to build a relationship.
Try out the 121 coaching and then progress to making a block booking.

Small Group Booking

Get a few people together and benefit from discounted prices
2 players: £20 per session
3 players: £17.50 per session 
4+ players: £15 per session 
(5 players maximum)
(Price is per player e.g. 2 players pay £20 each per session)
One hour of coaching.
Choose a time slot and day that best suits your schedule.
Find out your strengths and weaknesses.
Structured training session(s) based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Amazing teacher!!

My two children really enjoy their sessions. They host optional friendly competitions!! Great value for money too!!

Roza Bernard

My son loves playing every week…

The boys really look forward to their coaching sessions each week and your patience with them is a credit to all the team at Supreme Sport, especially with Jason who does struggle with his attention span.

The sessions are always well structured and well organised.


Susan Tompkins

The Supreme Team have been an asset to broadening the P.E. curriculum here at Woodlea. The children and staff have loved the sessions they have delivered and this has quickly developed into over subscribed school clubs! They are organised, efficient and great with the children. They have helped buy equipment and are coming into deliver CPD to our staff! I would thoroughly recommend Supreme Sport."

Jane Harrington P.E. coordinator at Woodlea Primary school

Amazing classes…

Great class with a great coach. My daughter has gained confidence and experience and enjoys her class every week.


Shell Belcher

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